How to connect with Starcraft

How To Connect

In this article you will find all necessary information how to connect to our server with Starcraft Client.

Step 1

Sign Up on this website, to have access to PvPGN Account Manager. Once you logged in to Minimoo site, you will have Account Manager menu under Diablo II.
You can now Create In-Game accounts.

Step 2

Make sure you have a clean Starcraft or Starcraft Brood War installed on your computer

Step 3

You need to add Minimoo to the server list.
Download Minimoo Reg file and Run. Than click OK.
If you want to Use Gateway Editor than add to gateways.

Step 4

Run the game, Connect to BattleNet. Make sure that u choose Minimoo Gateway in BattleNet server list..
If you don't have the latest patch, then it will update now.
Log In via the new PvPGN Account, what you just created in Account Manager.

Step 5

Have fun!